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Welcome to Northern Sky Order. We are sarcastic, hilarious, and can be vile to one another. That doesn't change the fact that we are tight knit good friends however.  We put one another and the guild before anything else. NSO is a team and a family! Here is our current Progression.
4/5 GSB
3/4 DH
4/4 GP
Guild News

This weeks schedule

arcanis411, Sep 19, 11 3:08 AM.
Wednesday - 2:30 PM server Drowned Halls
Friday - 2:30 PM server Glided Prophecy
Saturday - 3pm server Greenscale's Blight
Sunday - 3pm server River of Souls

Welcome to Greenscale Server!

This weeks schedule

arcanis411, Sep 12, 11 2:46 AM.
Wednesday - 5:30 PM server Drowned Halls
Thursday - 5:30 PM server Glided Prophecy
Saturday - 4pm server Greenscale's Blight
Sunday - 4pm server River of Souls

- There will be no DPS/gear chart posted this week.
- Officer List/website access updated.


arcanis411, Sep 5, 11 1:19 AM.
Prince down & Foci's down!

Guild Progression
1.  We Now stand at 4/5 in GSB.
2.  Duke was killed 2nd attempt.
3.  Johlen was killed 2nd attempt.
4.  Oracle was killed 2nd attempt.
5.  Prince was killed for the FIRST time on the 3rd attempt.
6.  We entered RoS, even though we did not kill warmaster we managed to take out all 3 dark focuses.

Guild News.

1.  We had several guild members promoted.
2.  Site roster is now updated as of today.
3.  The old raid requirements have been updated, and a new topic has been started HERE.
4.  New minimum DPS requirements for raiding is 900 DPS self buffed on dummies.
5.  Our casual players that are never going to raid have been removed from the raid roster.


1. Weekday Raids are no longer available for us, we are back to weekends only.
2. DH Will be saturday @ 2pm - 4pm  server.
3. GSB will be saturday @ 4pm - 8pm server.
4. GP will be sunday @ 2pm - 5pm  server.
5. RoS will be sunday @ 5pm - 8pm  server.

*Note: The stop time is not set in stone, that is just stated for scheduling purposes, they are a plan, not a guideline.

Oracle Down!

arcanis411, Aug 28, 11 9:49 PM.
Oracle Down. Now 3/5 GSB!

Guild News!
1. Killed Johlen yesterday and Oracle today. 3/5 GSB!
2. New re-formatted guild member stat charts posted HERE!
3. Website activity picking up, keep it up guys!
4. Need everyone to get finishing touches on t2 gear this week
5. Send all corrupted souls to Shamboo for weekend RR's.

This Weeks Schedule!
GP - Monday @ 3pm Server
DH - Wesnesday @ 3pm Server
GP - Thursday @3pm Server
GSB - Saturday @ 4pm Server
ROS - Sunday @4pm Server

Saturday's Raid!

arcanis411, Aug 28, 11 12:26 AM.
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